Innovations (2000s - 2010 )

2001 -2006

Mac Computers freely declared their compact music advanced player, the ipod. Macintosh published in April 2007 that the 100 millionth ipod had been sold. It is evaluated that more or less 86% of Mp3 player clients own an ipod. The ipod was accompanied by itunes and the itunes Store. The store turned into the business pioneer soon after its start and Apple declared the bargain of movies through the store in 2005, and full-length films got accessible in 2006.


The Tivo® Premiere Dvr is the planet's first Smart Dvr. It carries the best excitement from link and the web together in one place, with one remote and one basic inquiry crosswise over everything. Different Dvrs are disillusioning and challenging to utilize; Tivo is sumptuous and natural. What's more it does everything: it handles Netflix Instant Video, Amazon Instant Video, and Blockbuster on Demand, gives you a chance to surf movies from destinations like Youtube, goes about as your link box and pulls in over-the-air signs, and has and streams music.


Amazon Kindle -With the unrivaled clarity of electronic ink, long electric cell life, and the capability to hold many pages, e-book bookworms were as of now truly convenient in 2008. Yet Amazon made them all the more advantageous by including a free cell association for downloading daily papers, magazines and books -in seconds. An accurate improvement


The most absolute auto of 2000-2009 is the Toyota Prius. The Prius was the first mixture auto to be mass-handled, and turned into a worldwide sensation in conjunction with the developing ecological concerns of the 2000s. In 1992, Toyota Motor Corporation reported the Earth Charter, which was a report that plot the association's objectives to improve vehicles with the most minimal emanations conceivable. In 1995, the mixture notion auto was indicated at the Tokyo Motor show. At that point, two years after the fact, in 1997, the Toyota Prius made its first manifestation in Japan. Despite the fact that the Prius was secretly delivered to various nations after its make a big appearance, it was not offered in the U.s. until 2001. There are three eras of the Prius since its presentation in 1997, and it presses on to be a standout amongst the most famous cross breed vehicles sold. Toyota picked the name Prius, which is Latin for "to go in the recent past.

The Toyota Prius is a joined together mixture vehicle, and could be run on electric power or fuel. It is aeromechanic, which permits wind safety and air safety. Likewise, an electric water pump wipes out the necessity for serpentine cinchs, and the American and Canadian models utilize a vacuum cup to store coolant to diminish warm-up time. Touted for its flat discharges and gas mileage, each of the three eras of the Prius convey. The original Prius had a joined 41 miles for every gallon (mpg). The second era Prius had a joined 46 mpg, and the third era has a joined 50 mpg. The Toyota Prius is and presses on to be the auto with the least fuel outflows and the best gas mileage fabricated.

There have been various expense motivations offered to brag the deals of green cognizant autos, incorporating the Prius. Throughout the 2000s the American government offered a $2,000 charge credit from horrible twelve-month wages, with a specific end goal to sway auto purchasers to purchase green. Other American associations, for example Bank of America, Google, and Clif Bar & Co., additionally offer motivators for their representatives, as do some European nations. Notwithstanding the discount impetuses, various famous people have been seen gladly driving their Toyota Prius. These green cognizant innovators additionally serve to build Prius deals, and sway others to make strides toward environmental friendliness.

Entertainment in 2009s
Famous movie 


 A paraplegic Marine dispatched to the moon Pandora on a unique mission becomes torn between following his orders and protecting the world he feels is his home. 
avatar is a 2009 american epic science fiction action film written and directed by James Cameron. 

News stories that defined the noughties

Metro has pulled together ten of the most momentous stories of the decade in a year-by-year look back. Let’s start at the beginning…

2000- Harold ShipmanOn January 31 Dr Harold Shipman was sentenced to life in jail for killing 15 patients. In the request that emulated it was discovered he was doubtlessly answerable for 215 passings, yet the accurate number was likely twofold that. Shipman's system was to manage deadly measures of the medication diamorphine – regularly used to control torment in terminal tumor patients. He might then sign a passing endorsement and produce medicinal records to prescribe the patient was in sick health. 80% of his schmucks were ladies. In 2004 he was discovered hanged in his cell 

2002-Soham Murders:On August 21 of this year police confirmed they had found the bodies of missing schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman . The previous 17 days had seen one of the biggest missing person hunts ever seen in the UK. Photographs of the two girls released to the media showed two football-mad happy girls. They captured the hearts of the nation. Among those mourning appeared to be local school caretaker Ian Huntley , who spoke to news crews in the immediate aftermath of the bodies being found. Just over 16 months later he was convicted for their murders .

2004-Creation of Facebook: Even when the enormous occasion of the year happened on February 4 it didn't make the front pages around then. Without a doubt for the six months few yet the most enthusiastic technophile took any notice of it. Yet scarcely year and a half later it was ruling millions of lives. Long range informal communication site Facebook was made by Mark Zuckerburg and his school flat mates Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes at Harvard University. It was at first restricted to Harvard understudies, yet then gradually spread to different schools, secondary schools, and at last any individual who was in excess of 13. It has revolutionised the way we correspond with one another and now gloats more than 350m parts.
2006-Litvinenko harming: In what seemed, by all accounts, to be a plotline straight from the pages of a John La Carre spy novel the circumstances encompassing the demise of Alexander Litvinenko furnished effectively the most entrancing story of the year. Previous Kgb officer Litvinenko had guaranteed political haven in the Uk taking after two books in which he blamed the Russian mystery benefits for dread acts to carry Vladimir Putin to power. On November 1 he met two previous Kgb officers, Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitri Kovtun in a London sushi restaurant. Later that day he abruptly fell sick and bit the dust three weeks after the fact, making claims on his deathbed that Putin was behind the plot. Tests demonstrated he had critical measures of the radionuclide polonium-210 in his framework, the initially reported demise of this kind. The Kremlin started a conciliatory line by declining to hand over Lugovoy after British prosecutors solicited his removal to face a homicide accusation. Lugovoy still stays in Russia, safe from arraignment.
2008-President Obama: One of the occasions that verifiably separates the Noughties from whatever possible was the triumph of Barack Obama in the Us presidential decisions. In turning into the first dark Us president Obama accomplished something that might have been unbelievable in past decades. In reality, even up to the last not many hours there was still a feeling of mistrust from his adversaries and supporters that he might have the capacity to force it off. He had just defeated Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Party presidential primaries by the finest of edges. Eventually Obama won the presidency with 52.9% of the notorious vote to Republican runner John Mccain's 45.7%, demonstrating how far the Us had come in satisfying the guarantee of the Declaration of Independence that all men are made equivalent.

 2000s headline (news )

 NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory solves the mystery of x-rays from comets by peering into the core of the surprising Comet LINEAR.


 August 23, 2000 When Nasa started the Chandra x-flash telescope in July 1999, researchers were energetic for a gander at the most brutal and searing natives of the Universe. Chandra's touchy instruments record x-beams generated when matter is warmed to millions of degrees by crashes in amazing gravity or by fierce unstable strengths. Supernova blasts, dark openings and impacting cosmic systems are standard charge for the Great Observatory.

Spain celebrates Iniesta, World Cup

(CNN) -- Spain won the World Cup for the first time in its history as an extra-time goal from midfielder Andres Iniesta gave his country a last-gasp 1-0 victory over the Netherlands in the final at Soccer City.
The showpiece game of the South Africa-hosted tournament on Sunday was littered with no less than 14 yellow cards and one red but was settled by a moment of magic by the Barcelona man after he was played in by substitute Cesc Fabregas.
His 116th-minute strike was the goal all Spaniards were waiting for and spared both sides the agony of deciding the new world champions by penalties.


Michael Jackson

Born – August 29, 1958; Gary, Indiana, U.S.
Died – June 25, 2009; Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Singer, dancer, eternal child.

Rose to notoriety as a part of the Jackson 5. Rapidly turned into the star of the assembly, and not simply on the grounds that he truly was the one and only with any ability.
Went solo, turned into a ginormous '80s superstar after the arrival of his collection, "Thriller." 'memba that motion picture? He transformed into a werewolf!!
Had a pet chimpanzee named Bubbles who existed in his house and voyaged far and wide with him -yet was not welcomed to his memorial service. Pitiful. Shocked/amused the planet with his more and more weird conduct, for example redoing his home into a goliath carnival.

Was briskly wedded to Elvis Presley's little girl -not certain the King might have sanction of that.
Had three youngsters, gave them bizarre names, dangled one of them out a window when he was an infant. Bit the dust of a medication impelled acute myocardial infarction in 2009, yet will dependably be recalled for his music, and for being an interesting man-kid who might have boned Elvis' little girl. 

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/person/michael-jackson/#ixzz2YeiNkD66
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The 10 Best Hairstyles of the Past Decade

 Through time, we can observed that the trends are changing . . Here, we take a look at the best hairstyles of the past decade . we can still follow the hairstyles until today .

                                      The Super-Short Pixie Cut, 2000

                                          The Perfect Blowout, 2001


                                            Wild, Wavy Curls, 2002

                                            Bohemian Waves, 2003

                                                  Pin-Straight Hair, 2004

                                              The Perfect Midlength Haircut, 2005

                                        The Boyish Crop, 2006

                                       Sweet, Wispy Bangs, 2007

                                      Voluminous Wavy Hair, 2008

Long, Layered Hair, 2009
The Undercut Rocker ‘Do, 2010

 tragedy on 2004
numerous torrents happen every year, however a standout amongst the most dangerous and damaging ones in history happened in 2004. The wave was triggered by an undersea megathrust seismic tremor. The seismic tremor, reputed to be the Sumatra-Andaman quake, was the second most amazing torrent ever recorded, enlisting between 9.1 and 9.3. The tremor set off the torrent, which is known by a mixture of names incorporating the 2004 Indian Ocean tidal wave, the Asian Tsunami, the Indonesian Tsunami, and the Boxing Day Tsunami. The tremor happened on December 26, which was that day the torrent happened.

The passing tolls for the 2004 quake are stunning. From the get go, the U.s. Geographical Survey put the demise toll at 283,100 murdered. They likewise accepted that there were 14,100 missing and 1,126,900 individuals relocated. On the other hand, new detail demonstrated that fewer individuals than initially accepted expired. Right now, no less than 227,898 individuals have been affirmed as dead. At final number, in excess of a million and a half individuals were relocated as an aftereffect of the torrent.

Read more: http://www.universetoday.com/49007/tsunami-2004/#ixzz2YeX8UlRO

Best Technology 2000 - 2010

In the event that there was any apparatus to make Steve Jobs look increasingly like a frantic wizard, it'd be the iphone. Fruit has dependably wowed the tech business, yet this decade the association has truly advanced some astonishing developments and gadgets. The definitive cell phone first hit store on June 29, 2007 and since then Apple has sold more than 30 million iphones. The present form of the Apple marvel telephone permits clients to talk and scan the Web in the meantime. The Apple iphone totally converted the planet's thought of what a cell is and what it can do.

You know you're compelling when you're association is transformed into a verb, and in the event that you don't realize what we're discussing then you might as well most likely Google it. We're simply set to select Google the champ of this decade—simply of everything—they win everything. Exceptional work Google. Regardless of the fact that you don't prefer the association, you're still became awed with what they've achieved. This Mountain View, CA association went from being a senseless named web index to an aggregate it is today with an incomprehensible number of administrations incorporating message, photograph imparting, cell phone improvement, registering and portable working frameworks improvement, navigational mapping, along these lines significantly more.

By Azliyana Hanim

Post It!

For many of us in college or the busy office life, this tiny little stack of sticky papers are almost a must-have in our stationery set.

Post-its are become such an essential for all of us and what we might not know is that this tiny thing was created back in the 70's. The idea first came about when scientist and inventor, Arthur Fry was looking for a bookmark for his church hymnal that would not fall out or damage the hymnal. He then noticed that a colleague of his at 3M, Dr.Spencer Silver had developed an adhesive back in the 60's that was strong enough to stick something without damaging the area of the surface and also could be repositioned. He took some of the Silver's adhesive and put it alongside a piece of paper and his problem was solved!

Arthur then noticed that his 'bookmark' had other functions when he used it in the office and colleagues would ask for them all the time. The 'bookmark' helped when it came to organisation and also with communication. 3M Corporation  then came up with the name 'Post It Note' for Arthur's bookmarks and began production in the late 70's for commercial use.

From a solution for a bookmark to an office and home essential. Post It Notes has definitely coloured the way we work in the most convenience of ways.

Technology : Mobile Phones Back Then and Now

If you were to walk up to someone back in the 60's and told them that 50 years from then, we would be able to use our mobile phones without having the use of a keypad or that it would be able to fit into our pockets, they would probably ask you to go fly kites. The evolution of the mobile phones, if you were to sit back and analyse, is amazing.

The sole purpose of a mobile phone is to communicate or to keep in contact with someone that happens to be at a distance where you cannot talk to them face to face. Making calls and writing text are some of the very basic 'features' that a mobile phone should have but that is far from what is offered to us today by our mobile phones.

We're going to take a look into how the mobile phone has become one of the essential things needed by someone living the modern world and how it has evolved over the years :

The first cellphone ever was designed by Martin Cooper for the brand Motorola. The whole thing weighed 2.5 pounds and has a battery life of 20 minutes.

In 1983, the 'Motorola DynaTac 8000X' was made famous by Gordon Gecko in the 'Wall Street'.  This cellphone was nicknamed the 'Brick' for it's square like build and also because of it's size.

The 'Nokia Mobira Talkman' was definitely not purposed for convenience. This cellphone was built in 1984 and although it was huge, it's battery life did not last any longer than the 'Brick'.

The first flip phone was designed in the mid 90's. The 'Motorola StarTAc' had a reasonable size and had become very popular in the 90's. This was the beginning of the production of reasonable sized phones.

After the flip came the slide. The 'banana phone' also known as The Nokia 8110 was the first sliding phone created. This was made shortly after the flip phone, 1996.

Texting began with our next phone. Besides that, all of us can remember the endless games of ' Snake' that this cell introduced. The Nokia 5110 was a big hit after it came out in the year 1998.

Slowly catching up to speed came the 'Motorola Razr'. Born in 2004, this phone was best known for its ultra-thin body and it's long lasting battery.

Shortly after that came the game changer, the 'iPhone'. Introduces by the one and only, Steve Jobs, this mobile opened up a new door in the mobile phone industry and since then it has never been the same.

By Anusha Joseph

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